Sansa clip keeps restarting when plugged into my computer.  First shows SANSA, then four leaf logo, then “writing”, then “connected,” then black screen, then SANSA, and so forth over and over.  If I unplug it, turn it off, put it in lock mode, hold down the center button, and plug it back into the computer I get nothing but a black screen.  If I let go of the center button, then it will just start looping again.

I am getting the same thing.  And it just started today.  It has been working fine all week.  I went out today for a ride, had my clip on, and started it up and I get nothing- black screen.  I had just charged up the thing too.  I plug it into the computer and I get the same effect - Sansa, connected, writing, Sansa, black screen, all over again.  Any suggestions?

Try a reset?  (On switch in uppermost position for 10-15 seconds.)  Or possibly, a Clip reformat under Settings?  Each can tend to fix unexplained issues.