Zip Clip requires song title tags- any workaround?

I have had many previous Sansa Clips but just got the Clip Zip. 

I have always used MP3Tag but have never seen a need to tag the song titles (in the instance there are no song titles).  The old Clip simply used the track filename instead of song title, which worked great.  However it seems on Clip Zip it will not display and categorize properly without them.  For these even the artist or album name doesn’t show up correctly when scrolling through all artists or albums list, (even though album/artist ARE tagged), it shows up as a weird little square character which I never saw on my old Clips. 

If I select the square character for artist and album and song, then it will play the song and will show the artist name correctly while it is playing.  I tried tagging all the song names as “untitled” and this seemed to correct the problem, but I would prefer not to have to do this for every single album without song titles!  Seems like I’m screwed but just want to see if there is any solution I am missing?

Thank you in advance…

Can you also navigate via folder view, at the bottom of the Music category listing? 

With mp3 tag you can create the title tags for all your songs in just one step. Open the master folder that has all the music folders within it, checking the box near the word subdirectories before you click select folder. Choose edit, select all, next choose convert filename-tag. After it finishes, choose file, save tag. Now you are done. So easy!

That is an awesome perfect solution.  Thank you so much!!!