mp3tag question

Have a folder with 47 songs in it with artist and album tagged with Artist name. They show up correctly in clip but there is no title of song. Have done other folders and songtitles do show up but i probably typed them in since only a few songs.

I would like not to have to type in 47 songtitles if i dont have to, so has anyone found a way to batch title the tags of the song titles? They are titled in the songlist pane but not the tag. Tried puttink the option ‘keep’ and ‘blank’ in the box but it did nothing.

Is there a way to have the program use the filename from source folder to tag filename in target folder, or do I have to type in all filenames, for each one until all 47 are tagged???

And is there a program for free that will do this?

If not i will just continue using mp3tag and type as needed for i like it.

mp3tag can generate tags from the filenames. right click the files and select “convert>filename-tag”. (i think that’s right. i don’t have mp3tag on this pc :p)

I will try this. I have done little with mp3tag except remove old and type in new tag and not much at that. Going to try it with a few files to see what happens. sems there should be a way to tag titles without typing each one in.

YES ! This works MUCH better and faster than typing in each title and track. Rclick filename in mp3tag list, choose choose Convert and what it is to convert to - in this case the filename, OK. Only needed to do this at start since would be same throughout.

After that it is a 4 click operation - Rclick file, convert, filename-tag option, OK. Wennt through 47 files in a minute or two. Then copy the folder into clip and shows up as Artist and songtitles.