New Clip user - New to Tagging files...

Hey, I just got a 1GB Clip for Christmas and I love it, just trying to get used to the way the music is displayed. I’ve got a couple thousand mp3s on my computer all sorted by Artist - Filename.mp3 (Billy Joel - Piano Man.mp3 for example) all without tags. So when I load some songs into the player, it reads:


Billy Joel - Piano Man/Unknown

I was wondering if there was a way to get it to read:

Billy Joel

Piano Man

I’m not sure if I should be downloading one of these AutoM3u programs and letting it create tags on my whole directory, or what to do. I don’t understand the whole “folders” debate either, I’m just a guy who always removed the tags from the mp3s because I kept them sorted alphabetically on my computer. If someone could give me some assistance, I’d appreciate it. Thanks!

Hi, you have to use only Mp3tag ( ) (hey admins! why there’s no FAQ about it? 9 messages of 10 are about tagging :stuck_out_tongue: )

to your specific case, load your mp3 directory in the program, select all files, convert->“filename - tag” and insert this format string: %artist% - %title%

Good Music


Thanks! There might have been something in the FAQ about it but I read about a couple different programs and didn’t know which one would be the easiest to use. I can set the album to something blank on there as well, so that it doesn’t come up unknown too?

IIRC correctly, a field left blank would show as “Unknown”.  Haven’t tried just putting in some blanks, however, with a tag editor. and if that can be done–you might want to try that!