Best way to title song files on player that are labeled "Unknown"?

I know I can re-label song files by putting the player in MSC mode and renaming them using Explorer, but I was wondering if that’s the easiest method?  I have some songs on the player that were ripped from cd-r comps and would like to give them song titles.

Use mp3tag to add “id3 tags” to your MP3s. This is the right way to do it because all MP3 players use the tag info to sort content into the little buckets called "title:, “artist”, “album”, “genre” etc.

If they’re WMAs you can add similar tag data through Windows Exploder, Properties, etc. (there’s advanced options also  IIRC to add lots more than the song title alone).

mp3tag is a free software and once you get all your MP3s tagged properly, using the Clip’s Music menu options makes a lot more sense. You can also create “playlists” with mp3tag. It’s great and worth at least 10 billion times the price. Google it and it’s yours.

Search the forum for tips on using mp3tag first, if you have additional questions - this stuff has been covered a bunch

MediaMonkey shines at a task like that. In fact, any sort of tagging task is easily handled in MediaMonkey. Best part – it’s free for the basic version.

BigJohnL,  would you mind giving directions on how to do this in MediaMonkey?   I tried it and must have not done it correctly - didn’t seem to work for me.  Just to make sure I’m clear, I want to label tracks already on my Clip that presently are labeled as “Unknown”.   Or, if there’s another thread you can direct me to, that would be good too.    Thanks.

  1. In MM, on the left side of the screen, click on the folder containing the songs you want to label. This should bring up the list of songs in the big window on the right. If not, you just have to drill down in that folder till you get the songs listed on the right. If the songs aren’t titled, you’ll have to determine some way to figure out which file is what song.

  2. Click Ctrl-A to highlight all the songs in the window on the right

  3. Click Shift-Enter to bring up the Edit Properties box.

  4. Enter data in any of the fields that will be common to all the songs, such as Artist, Album Artist, Year and/or Genre. Click OK.

  5. Click on the first song in the list to highlight it.

  6. Click Shift-Enter to bring up the Edit Properties box.

  7. Enter data in any of the fields that will be unique to that song, such as Track Title, Track #, Rating, etc. Click OK.

  8. Repeat 6 & 7 until done.

  9. Connect your Clip to your computer.

  10. In the window on the right, highlight the songs you want to add to your clip. Right-click somewhere in the highlighted area, point to Send To … in the pop-up menu box, and select 2GB Sansa Clip.

After the transfer is complete, and the Clip finishes writing the new files, disconnect the Clip from your computer. That should do it. Let me know if that works. I hope I got all the steps right.

Thanks for all the help, man.  For some reason, MM takes forever to rip a CD so I’ve decided to just use WMP - I just ripped some tunes with it and found it much quicker,  user-friendlier (much less complex and more intuitive).  It was a lot simpler to tag with, too.  So, any idea as to why MM is so darn sluggish when ripping a disc, when WMP breezes right through it?  Weird.

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You’re welcome! Sorry but I can’t help you with your ripping questions. I haven’t tried to rip a CD since I’ve gotten MM and I don’t use WMP unless there’s a gun pointed at me.