"you need permission to perform this action" error when copying files to clip sport

I’ve spent hours scouring the web with no luck.  I’ve  been transfering mp3 files for years from computer hard drive to sport clip with no problem. Then, for unexplained reasons over the last few weeks, I get a “you need permission…” error every time I attempt to copy files or even try to edit existing file names on the clip.  Using windows pc.  what has changed?  I checked permissions on the drive and I still have full admin permissions.  I didn’t change any settings.  Any ideas?  I can no longer edit, delete, or add any files via windows explorer just on my clip.  All other drives work fine when performing these functions.

Did the properties on the files (on your player) somehow get accidentally switched to “read only”?

Check a couple by right-clicking on the file name in Explorer > Properties and see. You might have accidentally did this on the Music folder which would change the attributes of all the files in that folder.

no.  checked properties and I have full read/write access to all folders and the full drive.  I even checked that I’m able to share in case that was an issue.

oh, and yes, all the files I’m trying to copy are also NOT read only.  I wish it were that simple.  It seems to be something about the destination drive (the sandisk clip sport) that changed recently and won’t allow me to make changes to it from explorer.

Perhaps silly-sounding, do me a favor, if you haven’t yet done this, and turn each device off and start them up again, and then try.  I’ve had this or a similar glitch happen to me infrequently, and it seems to have been a Windows settings glitch that goes away just as mysteriously. 

edit:  I just re-read your comments and see that you’ve had this issue for weeks, and so likely you’ve re-started previously.   Perhaps do a drive check on the Clip drive (by right-clicking on the drive under Windows, choosing Properties, and then Tools)?

Have a new Clip Jam.  Plugged it in to start moving music files and I cannot open the clip Jam becuase I get the above error message.  Have been searching for over an hour on how to remedy this and have performed all the obvious steps but i still cannot get the Clip to properly “share”  Help!

Sometimes when we try to remove or delete a folder, program or file and could not able to the and we face a message that you need permission to perform this action then its mean you don’t have permission to do it. Even some time we are the administrator and still face this error.

  1. You may get rid of this error to restart your computer in safe mode

  2. You can Check Permissions and give them access to perform such tasks.

  3. Lastly, you can also use Unlocker.

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