new Clip+ won't copy music files, instead shuts down - Help

Just received my new Clip+, and I downloaded the user manual, which I’ve been reading.  I properly fully charged the Clip+ prior to doing anything else with it.  I also downloaded the firmware updater, but nothing came up except for the user manual, which I already have.  (How do you find your Clip’s version, anyway?)

I am at the point of copying (drag and drop) various folders of music from my PC (Win XP) to the Music folder in the Clip+, but every time I try to copy the songs, the Clip+ shuts down.  This is the Error Copying File message:

“The file 01 - xxxxx.mp3 could not be copied. The device has either stopped responding or has been disconnected.”

So I cancel it (or try to skip, but ultimately have to cancel).

Meanwhile, the Portable Device folder reopens, and I allow it, so it’s back to square one where I’m looking at Internal Memory inside the Clip+, then double-click it to go back to Music, and the same thing happens again when I try copying songs.

I ripped old CDs to make my own .mp3s, all 320kbps, which are supported files, or I purchased them online.  I have a few .wma songs, again, supported files.

What is the problem here?  Following the manual’s instructions, the music files should just drag and drop.

Thanks for any possible help.  This is my second mp3 player in a year (first was a different brand, so I purchased the Clip+ because supposedly it’s easy to use and has a fairly high satisfaction rating), and I’m again having trouble.  My PC’s hard drive is new and clean, and I maintain full internet security on it.

Another question, unrelated to the above problem: is it mandatory to have a Rhapsody account in order to make the Clip+ work fully?

Yes, drag and drop should work fine for your MP3 files, no need for that Rhapsody stuff.

Things to try:

  • different USB mode (MSC vs. MTP - MTP never worked reliably for me in Windows XP and caused all sorts of problems)

  • different USB cable (standard USB A to 5-pin mini-B cable as used by many other gadgets)

  • different USB port or computer (the wiring for USB ports located on the front of various computer cases is broken/out of spec surprisingly often)