Error: The file has properties that can't be copied to the new location

Hi I’m having a problem when copying files from my windows 7 PC to my Sansa clip sports 4gb.

This error pops up when I transfer it to any folder on my Clip Sports:

Are you sure you want to copy this file without its properties?
The file has properties that can’t be copied to the new location.

I can click Yes or No  (When I click yes, the file is copied to new location)

The reason why I ask is this:
Will the file be somehow different after being copied to my Clip Sports?
It’s a subliminal message audio file to help me overcome some mental issues, so it would be bad if the file is altered after copying…

The file plays perfectly, and sound quality seems very good.
However I still need to know if the file is altered in some way?

The device is properly detected, but in the manual it says that when you go to My Computer and click on the Sansa Clip Sports, you have to click on an Internal memory folder and then you find a Music folder.

But there isn’t an Internal memory folder at all…

When I click on Sansa Clip Sports, I see these folders:
Audible, Audiobooks, Music, Playlists, Podcasts.

Thanks in advance, I really hope someone will reply 

that just means there is some part of the files properties that are not supported on the clip sport. Just ignore the message the actual file content would not be changed. 

Thanks for your reply

Okay I’ll ignore it.

But why does this error pop up then?
Does everyone have this?

If some of the properties aren’t supported, wouldn’t that mean that it isn’t fully supported, so some parts of the audio file are unhearable when I play from my Clip Sports?

Sorry for being a lil over cautios…
It’s just weird that this error pops up, can you explain perhaps?

Thanks for your help!

file properties refer to the metadata associated with the file.  this error typically occurs when the file was created on an NTFS volume and some of the metadata assosiated with said file is not supported on a FAT32 volume. What you actually hear is not associated with file properties so it would not be changed. 

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In other words, don’t sweat it–no aural effect.   :slight_smile:

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Hi. I am getting the same message. I have Lenovo Yoga 700 which has only 200Gb storage so am using 256Gb SDXC Sandisk to supplement and am transferring over all of my Dropbox folder to the card. It comes up with same error message for loads of files so I ended up clicking ‘yes to all’. Bearing in mind we are talking about all sorts of files (spreadsheets, pictures etc) it is still the case that the files will not be missing any of the origianal information? Thanks.

The properties info., yes; other data, no.

On a similar note, what will the impact of this discrepancy be on mpeg layer 3 files or pdf.html?

I’m concerned that if I delete from my computer I won’t be able to open from my san disk card…

Any help is appreciated!