"Would not fit" or "Device full"

I have a Sansa c140 (yeah, i know this is a c200 forum, but theres no c100 forum).

When I try to sync mp3s from mediaplayer to the device, 2 or 3 files are transferred, but rest will not fit.  Up until a month ago, I was able to transfer 9 or 10 albums.

What happened?

OK, there are still 66 songs on the device (DOH), but don’t show up on PC (MSC connection) so they can be deleted.

try both MSC and MTP modes.
if you’re on MSC, be sure that you can view  hidden files and folders, the ‘music’ folder is hidden.

i suggest you to just format the device then retransfer the songs, its easier.

Thanks Marcqk,

That worked (formatting).  Should have thought of it myself.

no problem.

Tlhis was the closest threat to my problem.  Have a new c140 with most of the memory free.  Media Player 11 (maybe the problem and would rather not go back to 10). The device connects in MTPmode. I was able to delete without issue some of the music that came installed on the device.The device syncs to Media Player, but quickly syncs only  one song  no matter the length of the list to sync.  The green syncing notification at the bottom continues to rotate, but the syncing seems to be stalled.  Have to end the sync, delete the list left to sync and try again.  Manage to sync one more song.  On a list of one song the green sync continues to rotate and have to hit the end sync button.  After 2 or 3 times of doing this I get the message that the device is running slowly and that I will not be able to sync anymore until I try to disconnect and reconnect the device to the PC. Have also tried connecting in the other mode to try dragging and dropping, it connected, but couldn’t figure out how to drag and drop from WHERE and into what folder, didn’t see ANY tracks in any of the folders displayed in the PC window.  Still working on the problem. I see reformatting the device in this thread…Is that an option for this problem, and how do I do that?  Afraid to ruin the device.

Thanks in advance for any help.   

Praiser1 , glad the community was able to resolve your issue.

Elm , Welcome to the Forums…

You couldnt find the solution, because you were not looking in the MP3 Legacy forum :smiley:

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