C140 problem

My C140 has been loading and playing music fine since I’ve had it. I’ve had it for nearly a month or two now. I’ve always just used the ‘drag and drop’ way of putting music onto it, but the other day plugged it into my computer and opened the file and it shows that there is no music on my mp3 player. I right clicked on the file to see if the pie chart had anything to offer, but it displays that there is only 350mb of ‘free space’. The music IS there because I can unplug it and view/play everything, just it won’t show when I open up the file in My Computer. How can I fix this problem? I do not want to put any music into the newly empty folder in fear it may delete all my music.

can you change modes on the player? go to settings>usb mode or mode if you can. Might see something along the lines of MTP and MSC

I have just tried MTP and MSC and neither of the produced any change.

what if you just format the player (delete everything all at once) and reload your music onto the player? To format, you just right-click on the device while it is displayed through my computer, then proceed to select format from the drop down menu that appears.

Note, Be sure your stuff is backed up.