c140 upload problem

Just bought new mp3. Convert program is usless. can’t read my files. Have to use media player to upload songs. Uploads one then lags and doesn’t respond. Have to keep restarting to upload a song.

are you trying to convert songs using sansa media converter?

the sansa media converter is only for converting photos and videos(not available on the c200).  if your trying to transfer songs, please use windows media player 10 or 11.

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Sansa Media Converter only allows the transfer of pictures to your device.  Music can be used transfered using Napster or Rhapsody… or can always transfer it manually.

How to Videos

What happens is exactly the same problem as that thread. Syncs one song then stalls. Then I have to keep restarting it. I am using media player. What does MTP MSC modes mean? How can I do it manually?