Unable to put more songs on c240

I have just recently bought a c240. The USB mode is sset to MSC so I can drag and drop songs into it. It doesnt let me put in anymore than 116-118 songs before I receive an error: “Cannot copy (file name), the file or folder could not be created”. the memory isnt an issue, I have well over 300 MB of free memory left. And it doesnt matter which specific songs I put onto it, I cannot go over 116-118 songs. They’re all MP3 fomat.

585/959 MB used

It is quite possible since you are using MSC and drag and drop, that the file allocation table (FAT) will not handle more than a set number of files in the root directory.  This has been an issue with the DOS FAT system since it was created.  I am no expert on the Sansa file system, but they may not store the music files in the root of the file system when you do a sync using Windows Media Player or other music management software.  You may want to look into whether or not you can store your music files in one or more subdirectories on the c240.  Anyone else know?

that FAT limit sounds about right. If you save all your files, format in FAT32, and re-copy over your stuff, the problem should go away.

Make a subdirectory and put your files in it. I have 5 subdirectories to organize my files. They are all found.