Sansa C240 Prob. Can't use all memory?

Hi everyone… tried searching but didn’t find anything about this… maybe I’m a bad searcher but whatever :stuck_out_tongue:

See, the prob is that my GF’s Sansa C240 won’t use it’s full 1Gb memory… I copy a bunch of songs on to it and all of a sudden it says it can’t load on any more songs… I check att there is a bit over 300 Mb left on the player.

I try some other songs and the same thing happens.

We have been to the store where she bought it and got it replaced but now it’s the exact same problem.

Anyone know anything about this?

OMG… Seriously? Is this a joke?

Ok… I tried searching again and actually I found an earlier post about this prob and a possible solution.

Seriously… Can’t the C240 handle more than 127 songs in the root directory?

I tried creating a sub directory and all of a sudden all of the songs got on there. So why can’t I just put the files in the root of the disk?`Anyone know anything about this?

It’s formatted as FAT, that filesystem has limitations such as that.

then,how to fix it…?i’ve got the same problem…but i bought c250…

Dimidus moved the music out of the root directory and in to a folder.