Cant add more songs to my m250!

i apparently still have 1.7 gb open on my m250. when i try to send more songs to it a message comes up saying “can not copy. the file or directory can not be created.” if i delete a song off of it i can add another song but my maximum is only 148 songs. help me out?

How are you adding songs to your player?


I am having the same problem - very frustrating as I can only use half my memory

please can you help ?

I am cutting and pasting from my download folder on my desktop


I think you need to reformat your player to fat32.  Put fat32 in the search window and you will find several references to this problem.  I had the same problem and when I reformatted it solved it.

I had the same problem.  Then I deleted one of the old files and added a new directory.  Then I could add plenty of songs to the new directory.  I suspect there must be a limit on how many songs can be in one directory.

Good luck! 

Fat (or Fat 16) has a limit of 512 entries (files and/or folders) in the root directory. Please see the following for Microsofts explanation of the Fat limitation.

The fix is to format as Fat 32 per the previous suggestions.

I’ve been having the same problem. I found that I can’t add more files to a folder once I copy it onto the M250 (I don’t think this has anything to do with a limit on the number of files in a folder, just that once you originally copy a folder onto the Sansa you can not copy more files into that folder unless you delete some first). However, if I copy the folder onto my pc and then delete it off of the Sansa, I can then make what ever changes I want to the folder and copy it back onto the M250.

If you can’t copy anything onto it, try copying everything off of it (all the music folders) and deleteing them from the Sansa and then copy back what ever you want onto it.