Sansa m250 Not enough memory... WTF?

I’ve been successfully playing with my Sansa m250 (now V4.1.08E) for several months, mostly for recording and erasing.

Now - for some reason - it’s reached a situation where most of the memory seems to be “missing”. When I click “Information” it tells me Total=1.9GB, Available=299MB - but there is nothing there!! No songs and no recordings.

After I do record some 300MB file, it doesn’t even let me switch it on, saying “Not enough memory for music DB” and switches itself imeediately off! This goes on until I connect it to the PC and erase the file from there.


It might have gotten corrupted. Formatting should fix that problem.

Turn it off and put it on hold then connect it to the computer. Simply go to MyComputer and right click on its drive and select format. 

Formatting will erase all files.

After doing that (formatting from the PC), it seems ok.

I’ll play with it more to see if it really fixed the problem.


p.s. Actually I though of it before, but somehow was reluctant to try that…