i have a sansa 250e and it has nothing on it but it still says its full and i cant put stuff on it

I have a sansa 200e, i formated it and now it doesnt have any thing on it and it says that its memory is full…and on top of that my computer doesnt read it when its pluged in…ive read every thing i could find on this problem and i still cant find a solution…can any one help me or am i just out of luck?

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Is it a version 1 or 2 unit?

What method did you use to format it?

Are you attempting to connect in MTP or MSC mode?

In the info it says it is version 01.02.15A with 0 memory and 0 free space…I can’t remember what USB mode I did it on, but I went to my computer and right clicked on it and clicked format…than when it was done it was completely wiped…before I formatted it, I made a mistake and put double copies of all my music (that’s why I formatted it) and it had more songs than it had memory, I don’t know how that happened but I could not even listen to them. Now my computer won’t even read that it’s plugged into the computer so I can’t do any of the stuff the support on the site says…its super frustrating and I’m guessing that I’m up the river without a paddle… : ( 

                                                                                                                                                                                       If any one could help id be VARY greatfull