Sansa M230 not working

When powered up it displays “Not enough space for music DB. Please free 8mb” .  It then displays “No Files”
I have never put any music files on it. Only used the tuner. The battery is good. Has worked for about 14 months.
Tried to format and start over but my XP will not finish the format.
Any ideas or is this boy FUBAR?

Message Edited by Mcrooks on 07-28-2007 09:15 AM

What does it say when you try to format? Does it say, “Format could not complete”?

One 1 pc it says can’t complete on another it says it completed but folders are still present (Data and Media)

Sounds like the player may in fact be defective now.

the same thing is happening to me and it is driving me insane! how can i fix it??:cry:

My sansa 230 was connected the computer for a while and now it will not work

About a month ago my recently purchased m250 displayed the “8M of memory” error after about 20 hours of use. To get it working I had to remove all the files from its memory. Explorer could still access them. Then I did a defrag on the drive. I don’t know if it helped but I guess it didn’t hurt it. The error didn’t clear. Then I tried to upgrade the unit’s firmware. Turns out that I have the latest version. Then I reformatted the drive and moved a music file to the drive. I disconnected it and turned it on, it initialized and the error was gone. I hope I never have this problem again. Tatay