whats wrong wit my sansa m230?!!!!!

when i turn on my m230 it says “not enough space for music DB, please free 8mb” what does this mean and how do i fix it?

                                                                                                 please help


If, when plugged in to the computer, the device shows up in My Computer or Disk Management right-click on it and attempt to format.

If that doesn’t work then try this:

Turn off the player.
Remove the battery.
Hold the power button for 30 seconds.
Turn on the hold switch.
Plug the device in.
Format through Disk Management.

how come my computer cant completely format my sansa m230? is there any other way?

Thanks for your procedure! It worked on my m240. I was able to play the recorded book on it, but could not delete what was on it, not could I add to it. I kept getting a message that the driver was missing. After your procedure it is back to its normal operation.


usually when you get that message, you have to format/reformat your player. you do this by hooking up your player via the USB cable, go to My computer, right click on the sansa icon (or the drive letter associated with your player) and choose “format”  Hope this helps.

After formatting, what’s the next step?  My computer doesn;t recognize the player.  Do I completely need to reinstall software, and if so, where can I find it?

if your computer (and various others that you’ve tried) fail to recognize our m200, then its probably defective. You can try changing out the battery, or sending an email to support@sandisk.com to get it replaced. Assuming you are still under warranty of course. Its 1 year wraranty.