My m230 doesn't work!

I ahve a sandisk m230 (512 mb). One day, i tried to fill some songs. After filling my player, i didn’t try it first, so i just put it down, and went away. The next day i tried to play it, but on the scree in it says:" MTP DB mismatch. Format?" and then, after a few seconds the usual menu appears and it says “No File” there. I tried to push several buttons, but on the screen appeared "Not enough space for music DB. Please Free 8 mb". After plugging it to my computer ( Microsoft XP) i tried to format it, but the couldn’t complete the formatting “windows cannot complete the formatting”. I also tried to format it using FAT32 or FAT, but it still doesn’t work. I also tried to use disk management on contro panel, but still my SanDisk can’t be formatted.

Can Somebody help ME??

sounds like it may be defective, you should write Is it under a year old? if so you can probably still get replaced. check out the faqs about contacting support.