not enough space

not enough spacefor music db. please  free 8mb getting this message then no files    any help would be great

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Reformat. Back up your files.

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I have get this message. I have tried a lot for formating the SanDiskm240 but get message ‘not able to complite formate’.
If i made any folder in that drive & give name to that, it will creat a lot of unknown folders in that folder. If i copy any folder in that drive it appear untile i connect to it but if i disconnecte & connect to pc again the folders i copyed & made is get vanish.

Somebody pl tell me what is the problem?


Have you tried to format in MSC mode?

Follow these steps.

Put the player in MSC mode. You can do this by turning on the hold
switch before connecting to computer. Also can be set in the settings,
USB of the player menu.Turn on the hold switch and plug the m250 into
your computer. Find the Sansa removable device under My Computer.
Right click on the Sansa icon and select Fat32 from the list. Then
select format.

You may also want to study the various functions by checking
out the videos and user guide.
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I’m not sure I understand your folder problem.
The player will create folders after you transfer
songs and disconnect from a computer. This is
how it organizes the library.

I have tried the reformating several times. If I put it in MSC mode, it supposedly formats in less than a second – at least it says formatting completed – but there is no difference in the player. Also doesn’t show FAT file type. I end up with same message-not enough space. If I don’t have it in MSC mode, it seems to begin to format, does show the FAT file type, but says it cannot complete. I have also downloaded the firmware from the SanDisk website to run on it, but it won’t recognize the player as a “valid device” whether in MSC mode or not. I have spent hours and hours with this problem, and would like to get on with my life.


you guys will probably need to contact sandisk about this one, if its less then 1 year from the pop and its not refurbished, they will probably replace it.