Sansa screwed?

OK  I’m all out of ideas on what to do. Here’s my problem.

My old computer bit the dust, this was the computer that my Sansa E250 was synced to.  I don’t have the disk so when I tried plugging it into my new comp it wasn’t recognized.  Well looking up solutions to the problem I found out about turning the device to MSC mode.  This took care of the problem of my computer not recognizing the device.  It showed up on my computer, so I thought all was well and went to sync a song to the device. 

It said the song was “successfully synced to device”, when I went to listen to it I noticed I now only had 39 songs on my device when I originally had 350ish.  To make matters worse, it still showed all the space being used, out of 2GB I only had 34MBs left.  Which is the amount  my 350 songs is using.  AND the new song wasn’t even on the device. 

I did the firmware udates and such, it did the upgrade and restarted but alas, 39 songs and 34MBs of space left.  Not only that but when I look at my device on the computer it doesn’t show any songs, and that song I just added cannot be deleted.  When I try to add it again, it says it’s already on the device.

I’m sorry if I didn’t make my problem clear enough and rambled but I’m terribly confused as to what the f just happened to my player.  So QUESTION:  Where’s is my music?  Why is it still taking space but not on my player?

Also if this helps, an error message came up when I plugged my sansa back into the computer, it’s as follows:


Exception Processing Message c0000013 Parameters 75b6bf7c

Thank you for your time and any help you can offer!

If you switch your player back to MTP mode, you’ll be able to see your music and should be able copy it back off. FWIW, that error message sounds like something wrong with your computer.

Ok I’ll try that but when in MTP mode my computer doesn’t find the device.  So what to do about that? 

Thank you btw

Just tried it and it still only shows 39 songs.  And yea my computer doesn’t see the device.

First, do the songs play on the device?  Confirming that the media is OK on the e250 is important, so you can then transfer it to your new computer.

There are a few variables to address here, as the e250 was made in several versions, the primary difference being the internal processor.  The earlier v1  has a few unique characteristics that might throw you for a curve.

First, the USB mode menu is different between the Rhapsody Sansa and the base v1. The Rhapsody version calls MSC mode “Rhapsody” in the menu.

Second, all e200s can only communicate in one USB mode at a time as far as file access is concerned. Because of this, if you were connected in MTP mode originally, the files will be “invisible” when trying to find them in MSC mode, though the files are still there. o access them, we need to repair the MTP “pipeline” on your PC. The good news is that you can connect in MSC mode, which confirms that the cable and internal USB controller are working.

Now for the computer geek part. MTP support requires Windows Media Player 10 or later to be installed on your new PC.   Once you have confirmed this, connect in MTP mode by selecting MTP on the Sansa, then plug in.

Go to the Device Manager and look for the device.  It should appear under Portable Devices or in the USB root hub. Double click on the Sansa and select Properties, then the Tools tab, then select Uninstall. ALternately, you can right click on the listing and select Uninstall if this is your preference.

Unplug the device, wait about 30 seconds for the PC to refresh (or even reboot the PC if desired).

The Sansa _should reinstall correctly once plugged in again.  _You should now be able to access it as you did on your old PC, and the music files will be available.

The v1 has one other quirk: the music folder is hidden by default. I don’t understand the logic behind that, but it is a characteristic of the PortalPlayer processor-equipped machines. On the PC, change the Folder View options to Display Hidden Files, and you should be good to go.

Let me know if you have any questions!

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

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