Need Help Here Please.

Good Day. I just got this sansa V02.01.32A from my mom and I really dont know how to add songs on it. I already installed the cd which is included in the pack. I dont know if it is working or not. Can someone help me here on how to add songs on it.  Btw the radio is working fine and the sample songs included on the player is working good. I am just having problems on how to add songs on it.  Thanks A Lot.

Hmm its me again. Im really having problem with sansa. Can someone tell me what is MTP and MSC?

There is a search box at the top of the forum. Use that. Seems like the things you are struggling with have been discussed and solved before. I know for a fact that an FAQ about MSC and MTP has been posted somewhere. 

You don’t need to use the included disc–I assume that’s the disc with a Rhapsody subscription trial offer. 

Have you read the manual?  See the manual/specifications sticky thread at the top of this forum.  That should help you greatly.

The easiest way to get content on your Clip:  simpy copy and paste the files onto the Clip (or drag and drop them).  It’s that easy!

MSC mode is the more universal of the USB modes to use.  The USB mode is the manner in which the player will connect to your computer.  Under MSC mode, the Clip is seen like an external hard drive.  The other USB mode, MTP mode, is needed for content protected by DRM, digital rights management.  It can be more “demanding” in its requirements, requiring Windows XP with SP2 or more, and Windows Media Player 10 or above.  Candidly, many issues that can occur with the Clip can be avoided by using MSC mode.  It can be set under the Clip’s Settings, under USB.  I would avoid leaving that setting at Auto, in which the Clip can vary between the 2 modes depending on the computer it is attached to, as that can complicate matters.  Personally, as I don’t have DRM files, I set the setting at MSC, for ease of use.

Hope this helps–

Forgive me if Im starting to be annoying. So what you mean is the reason why my computer is not reading my sansa is because the usb setting is set to auto detect? I was really happy and was excited knowing that it was that really easy to just copy and paste mp3’s from my computer to sansa but when I plugged it in. (sad) nothing happens, so I installed the included installer of rhapsody.

You have to set it to MSC mode under settings/usb. Don’t use auto, that will try to use MTP unless the computer setup doesn’t support it.

If you have any music loaded in MTP mode, format to free up all the memory. Formatting is an option under settings. 

It’s unknown why your computer won’t connect.  But set it to MSC USB mode to try to get a connection going. 

As to a reformat, note that this will erase the content on your Clip.  

It’s a while since I read the included manual and as I recall it leaves something to be desired. This is a brief addition to my earlier post:

MSC mode I believe would stand for ‘Mass Storage Mode’ but I’m guessing. Regardless, in this mode the device can be hooked up via the usb cable to any machine or OS that supports usb transfers. It should be detected by the OS and will appear to the user as an additional hard drive type device. Under windows it will be assigned a drive letter, other os’s will do whatever they normally do with a flash drive device. When you look at the device using say windows explorer, you will see some folders (even if you format, those folders will be created for you). One of the folders is the music folder and that’s where you can drag or copy either music files or folders containing same. The other folders hold recordings and you normally won’t be messing with these, they get populated if you do voice or fm recordings or download audio books.

MTP mode I believe would stand for ‘Media Transfer Protocol’ or something, I’m guessing but again it’s not particularly relevant. This mode is a MS windows thing and is meant to be used in conjunction with Windows Media Player (version 10 or later). Sansa also has a thing with Rhapsody, which they give you on the included CD. This mode supports protected music (DRM) and the chief reason for using it would be when you intend to purchase titles online, although it’s not restricted to that and you can use WPM to organize your music, rip cd’s etc and synchronize. I’m pretty ignorant of issues involved here because I don’t use this mode.

It’s important to note that these modes don’t mix well. Music loaded in one mode will not be visible in the other mode when hooked up to the computer, although the clip will happily list and play everything on the unit. Also note, the clip will organize music using embedded tags when present, but that would be another post.

Hopefully I haven’t hopelessly confused you, but this stuff is not well explained in the manual and most people pick up their knowledge via groups like this. 

Good Day again. I already tried MTP? and MSC but still my computer would not read my sansa when I plug it in. BTW my computer is a compaq presario, and also why is it that my sansa would not charge. i tried using the short cable included on the pack but its not working so tried the cable from my digital camera and it work but only thing is that I have to press the cable hard on the sansa to be able to charge the unit. Still I’m having problem with adding songs on the player. Thanks for the help…Oh, I searched this forum but I cant find any topic related or the same as what Im having problem now with my sansa player, btw again my player is a sansa clip black 8gb.

What USB speed are you using? (1.0, 1.5, 2.0) Have you tried all your USB ports? Sometimes you need to use the ports in the rear of your computer. If you are using a laptop (I think they did a Presario in a laptop) make sure you dont have any power saver settings turned on as this can effect your USB port. 

I tried plugging it at the back of my cpu but still the same. doesn’t charge without pressing the cable harder and also doen’t recornized by the cpu. I’m not using a laptop, what I’m using is a Compaq Presario SR1200NX Desktop PC. Oh man I’m already starting to feel very discouraged by this unit.

Oh I forgot. I formatted the unit but still no new results. still unrecognized by my desktop and still doesn’t charge.

OMG! Please someone help me with this problem Im having with my sansa clip.

Lock the player by sliding the Power Switch down until you can see the little orange dot, then press the center button while you plug it in to the computer, continue holding it for a little bit (Maybe 30 seconds) and see if the computer recognizes the player. If not then you may actually have a defective player and should return it for another one or you can contact Sandisk tech support about an RMA. 

I tried what you told me to do but still nothing happened. aw man. Now bigger problem comes. I am from the Philippines and it would be really hard to send this clip back.