Probably being really dumb but I cant get my Playlists onto my Sansa Clip

Hi there!

Just bought a Sansa Clip 8Gb in the UK and am very happy with it - transferred many of my CDs then tried to get clever (?) by creating a playlist, putting some songs in there and synhcing up with the Clip - no joy!  The only playlist I see on the Clip is the “GoList” and the only way I can add songs to that is on the device itself - do-able but not ideal.

Have upgraded the firmware on the clip to the latest version with no improvement - just can’t seem to get any personal playlists over - I even tried creating a playlist called “GoList” to see if ir would overwrite the GoList playlist on the clip.  It didn’t.  :frowning:

I’m using the clip with Windows Xp Home Edition (SP3) which has WMP 11.0.5721.5260 and have the device in MSC mode as Auto Detect and MTP modes didn’t work (the computer didn’t recognise the device) … am thinking that in MSC mode the PlayLists dont synch??

Any help / advice would be gratefully appreciated.


Glasgow, Scotland, UK

MTP mode = playlists sync.

MSC mode = playlists don’t sync. (drag & drop)

Auto-Defect mode = ? The name is self-explanatory.

Have you tried doing a search or poking around on the Clip board?

Very many thanks - now that I know that PlayLists aren’t supposed to synch in MSC mode, I’ll invest my energy in getting MTP mode to work… just thought I was missing something really obvious.  In terms of getting MTP mode working there are loads of articles and tips in this forum and elsewhere on that - I probably need an updated MTP driver or need a better version/reinstall of WinXP HE or some such thing.

As I am totally new to the device - and digital music in general (been in the dark ages too long!) I really wasn’t sure what, if anything I was doing wrong.  Your reply really helped (and it isn’t stated in the user manual or any of the docs that come with the device) so again, many thanks.


If you have any Clip-specific questions/problems, by all means post in the Clip board. That sees a lot of traffic and there’s many knowledgable people that hang out there who can help.

Welcome to the 21st century! Yes, music today (both the contnct and the storage/playing of it) is a whole lot different than it used to be. Don’t be intimidated though, there is a plethora of information here and the people are always glad to help. :smiley:

Hello all - just thought I’d be a good citizen and let you know how this finally got resolved.  The info you (TapeWorm) gave (telling me that playLists dont synch in MSC mode, only MTP mode) was a really big help as it allowed me to focus on FAQs/kb articles on how to get my device working in MTP on my WinXP HE machine.

Essentially I spent a bit of time in Device Manager looking at the Portable Device section and the USB Mass Storage section.

I removed the drivers for both, rebooted the PC and then connected my Sansa Clip in MTP mode.  Lo and behold, the o/s finds the new hardware, the new hardware Wizard kicks and asks if I want it to go and find a driver automatically (which it did either for MS or Compaq - its a Compaq machine so compaq branded windows XP).  I say Yes to that and off it trots, gets a driver (it appreas uner Portable Dveices in Device Manager s as a Sansa  Clip 8Gb with a nice wee picture of the device) and the dveice appears in “Other Device” in My Computer.  Into WMP (11) and synching up my playlists with ease.  End result - one very happy Sansa Clip user!!

Worth noting that when I tried to use the generic Windows XP MTP device driver, I got an “Error 10, device could not start” so I backed away from that approach.  Bottom line is that with the generic MTP and USB Mass Storage Device drivers uninstalled (clean slate as it were) the new hardware Wizard went away and got the device driver I needed (even although I looked on MS and SanDisk for one and none could be found) and it worked a treat.

My advice to anyone knew to this area (I am/was!) it to get your Clip in MTP mode from the outset and if the PC can’t see it, work on getting it to see it rather than (as I did) flip to MSC mode and get a limited synch capability.  I’ll bet that in most cases the issue lies with the PC (windows) device driver area rather than the device itself.

Best to all,

Jim in Glasgow