Still having playlist problems

Hi all,

I still have trouble with playlists.  I followed the very good instructions in the stickied post, but when I follow that method I still get playlists that are unable to play.  They show up in the playlist category, but when I select them I just get the two lines to either side and no music.  I have to use my Clip in MSC mode–it ins’t recognized in MTC mode.  I’m using WMP 9, do I really need to upgrade to 10?

Is there no simple freeware that makes playlists that will work on the clip?

Why can’t I simply create an m3u playlist and copy it to the Clip and have it work?  What’s the catch here?


a million other ways described for your playlist … why wouldnt you try even one?
it will show in mtp mode, check settings or something… you dont wanna use it tho…msc is better

Thanks for the reply, but I don’t think I understand.  I have tried multiple ways of creating playlists.  I can get it to work if I use MediaMonkey, but I wanted something simpler if possible.  I am willing to try other methods—can you suggest a simple one that doesn’t involve multiple steps?

As to the usb mode, I can’t get it to work in MTP mode.  I have a Creative Brand disc-based media player and that may be getting in the way.


winamp method

I just got my Clip yesterday.  I was fustrated with the lack of Playlist support that Rhapsody has, so I unstalled.
Oh yes, Rhapsody make playlists, but when you copy it to the Clip, all you see are the songs – nothing in the Playlist category.

I found MediaMonkey that does indeed create playlists on the Clip.  The basic version is freeware.

BTW, I’m using MTP mode.  I’m not sure how MSC mode affects playlist creation with MediaMonkey.

Secondly, I noticed that the playlists created with MediaMonkey have a .PLA extension.

Good luck.

In the above link…there are two ways of doing it…Please read the thread and you will find it helpful.

Hey I’m using WMP11 and after upgrading firmware (18a) I noticed I was having the same problem with auto playlists of ~ 950mb (for a 1GB clip).  I found, after talking with a rep, if I formatted the device through the player and then tried transferring a playlist it worked.  Formatting through WMP creates the problem again.

Thus I have to hard format everytime I want to copy over a play list.  Does this work in the same way for you?

is there one good reason why you dont use the winamp method  if you got so many probs w/wmp?, winamp is way easier than the sticky…you can use it in msc… there are never any probs thats rite never…

open msc clip > music (leave open) …open winamp > drag any/all songs you want on playlist from clipmusic
onto winamp (song list will show, you can add or delete songs from this list) > bottom right corner click “list opts” > save list ; name what you want > save to music folder or root (doesnt matter) of clip.  disconnect … done

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It’s possible that the playlists created on your PC are using an absolute path (i.e. C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents\My Music\Blar\Foo.MP3), which does not exist on the Clip.

For what it’s worth, I’m using MP3Tag to create M3U playlists directly on the Clip (in MSC mode). This avoids any potential path-related issues within the playlist. Note that MP3Tag employs the Extended M3U formatting, which the Clip has no problems dealing with.

I haven’t spent any time re-arranging the play order of songs within the playlists yet (I let 'em shuffle for now) but this is a matter of simple text file editing.

I do not use winamp cause I never use winamp.  That does not mean I’m unwilling.

But I use my clip the same way people use the Apple shuffle.  Thus I want 1-click shuffling (or as close to 1-click as possible, I can do this pretty easily with WMP auto playlists) and I want to be able to go track forward/ back with the device remembering which files just played.  Can you do this in winamp?

If anyone has any ideas - it would be much appreciated.


of course, shuffle is option in settings, not playlist

Of course. My point is, I don’t care what order the songs play in. Get it now?

you can arrange a playlist order in winamp :: drag in order you want or arrange by name (in winamp) before you save playlist… you can play in order as saved in play list or shuffle…
if you mean other that this, i dunno what youre talkin about

I use WMP to make playlists, then sync them exactly as I did with my previous Clip.

All the songs in the list are in the clip after sync, but NO PLAYLISTS!  Not even a folder called “Playlists” :

I must stress this I have done exactly what I did before to sync playlists, and it always worked.

And YES.  I’ve update the firmware successfully.

One more problem: The computer wont recognize the clip unless I put it in Hold, and press the center button as I connect the USB.

forget WMP and download the free version of Media Monkey. Not only will you be able to create usable Playlists, you can also get all your music organized.

I have been a long time user of MM and can verify that this is definetely one of the best  “all in one” Music Tools on the market


sorry, I just read the post where you already tried Mediamonkey, let me know if you find a “simpler” way to create a playlist!

MediaMonkey Playlist:

right click on playlist–> new playlist–>give it a name


drag and drop desired titles to new playlist


right click on new playlist–> send to sansa clip…  done!


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How to video…does not get much easier than creating a playlist on WMP 11.

Adding a playlist to your Sansa MP3 player in MTP mode using Windows Media Player 11 (Windows XP | Vista)

Go Sansa!

Quoting SansaMe: Adding a playlist to your Sansa MP3 player in MTP mode using Windows Media Player 11


Okay … that might be the problem.  I read somewhere in here you CANNOT creat playlists in MSC mode, is thst correct? Because that would explain why there are no Playlists … I am in MSC mode because if I change to MTP, the computer won’t recognize the Clip (unless I put it in Hold and press the center button while I plug in the USB).


This is really geting difficult. This unit is an RMA replacement I received 2 weeks ago, and nothing has worked right.  The old unit was a breeze, too, so this is ticking me off, and the Online Support people take days to respond with simple “check the Help section” nonsense.  Oh, well. I took Western Digital to small claims court in 2003 and won $400 (on a $120 HDD).  Maybe I’ll have to do that here, because I’ve been without my Clip for almost a month now.

And thanks for the Media Monkey advice, but I find WMP 11 pretty simple.  I gave up Microsoft-hating on my 4oth birthday, drank the Kool-Aid! :smileyvery-happy:

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Okay … that might be the problem.  I read somewhere in here you CANNOT creat playlists in MSC mode, is thst correct? Because that would explain why there are no Playlists … I am in MSC mode because if I change to MTP, the computer won’t recognize the Clip (unless I put it in Hold and press the center button while I plug in the USB).

Not true.  m3u playlists work great in MSC mode.  It’s the main way I use the player.  There are many posts about it in this forum.  Also check out the Fuze forum as the playlist support is identical to the Clip.

It might be true that WMP can’t create playlists in MSC mode.  Not really sure as I don’t use it.  But if you drank the Kool Aid, then I guess you’re using MTP now, in which case WMP should work.  If you really want to go MSC, you should look at something better like Winamp or the afforementioned MediaMonkey.  Once you’ve used either it’s pretty hard to tollerate WMP.

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What about the method of “Select all” tracks, right click, and then “Create playlist” feature?  I used that, and it works okay, although I did have a few playlists showing up with no tracks in them on my Clip.  Is this a valid way to make playlists, or did I answer my own question?