Creating Playlists in MTP Mode?

Hi, I’m new to this forum. I’ve read the post on how to make playlists in MSC mode, but all of my music was sent in MTP over WMP10. I could resend all of my music over MSC, but half of it is DRM and won’t send. I’ve heard of ways of doing this over MTP, but they weren’t really clear. Is there a simple way to do this without having to install other software?

create the playlist in WMP11 and save it as a .wpl then just use WMP 11 to sync it to your clip.

I can’t use WMP11. Long story short, it won’t install on my computer. -__-" Can I do the same with WMP10? I sync it the same way as I do music right?

it  can be done but it is a bit harder. here is a how to video for creating playlists using WMP10

I guess it’s also a good time to mention I’m on dial up too huh? :smiley: Thanks for your help though. I’ll reply if I ever finish it. haha

So I’m finished with the movie, and it isn’t working for me. When I do the auto-sync, WMP just sort of sits there doing nothing and then tells me that the operation has been aborted.

Scratch that last one. I just restarted the computer and it works perfectly.

Actually, scratch that last post, I tried syncing the rest of my songs and the problem happened again and I’m back to square one. I can’t change back from Auto sync to Manual sync. Each time it tells me: “Windows Media Player cannot change synchronization settings at this time. Try again later”

if you want, you can save the playlist you create as m3u, and transfer the m3u and songs via drag n drop. just make sure the hierarchy of the m3u and songs are the same on the device. I suggest saving the m3u where the songs are.

other option is to use the MTP feature of creating playlist:

drag n drop music into the device music folder, than select songs and right click, choose create playlist.


you can edit the playlist by double clicking on the .pla file that was created. drag songs into the window, delete, move, etc. 


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