Creating playlists from music already on Player in MSC mode

Let me start by saying pretend I am mentally challenged. I have never used a synch button in my life since always had Sansa and used to use MTP mode, right click in Windows, create pla playlists and get exactly what I wanted. Now I have a clip zip and based on some other issues decided to change to MSC mode which no longer allows me to right click to create pla files. So I have a clip zip with various folders structured which I leave on shuffle mode. All good.  I want to create a few playlists that put certain albums in track order. There are several reasons I want to do this including some of the music resides in different folders. 

So the question is how to I do that? Again, I’ve never synched anything in my life. I opened windows, created a playlist by dragging the songs from my player and told it to synch but that seems to want to recopy all of the music back to the folder (there wasn’t enough room). 

All I want to do is create a playlist based on the songs I already have in my player sub folders, not copy music over to the player. I really don’t know WMP interface  since all I’ve ever done with it is hit play.  Can anyone tell me if I can do this and if so, how step by step?  I have an Sansa Clip Zip, Windows XP and WMP11.

I really apprecate any help and apologize if my question is stupid. I went with Sansa since day 1 to avoid the word synch and simply drag and drop from hard drive to player, but it’s time to widen my horizons.


To create one playlist from the files on the player, use the go list. With the go list, you create the list on the player itself.

I was trying to create several playlists that were basically my favorite albums from the past, back when we bought an album and played it in track order over and over. God life was so simple then, not better just simpler.

I just figured out that WMP is not the same as WINAMP. so I downloaded WINAMP, followed the instructions I got from another forum (anythingbutipod) and it works. Here is the thread in case anyone else is as clueless as I am ( and assuming it is ok for me to post here)

Ok, dead thread I see, but I just found this out through trial and error.  I transeferred a blank playlist onto the clip using the sync… I hate sync’ing, thats the big reason I got away from the ipod.  Anyway, navigate to you clip using explorer and open the playlist folder.  Your blank playlist should be in here titled <playlist_name>.pla.  Double click on the playlist and a window will open up.  Simply find the music already stored on your sansa clip and drag and drop it into this window.  Done.  You just created a drag and drop playlist without having to reorganize your music folders. 

I’m betting, though I did not try, you could just manually create the playlist in the folder as long as you give it the .pla extension and avoid any sync’ing altogether.