Trouble with creating playlist in MSC mode

Hey there! ^^

I have been trying to solve this problem for hours but I still didn’t figure it out and I am tired of it.  :frowning:

Basically what I am trying to do is creating a playlist of my collection of my favourite songs sorted by modified, so that the recent songs are on the end of playlist, thus easy to reach.

Since it’s not possible to sort the songs by modified on the playlist itself and I got like 500 songs there, I tried creating a playlist from the songs on PC from the exact same folder. I saved the playlist and put it on clip in the MUSIC folder. When I tried to play the playlist, it said it’s empty.

So I tried to create a playlist in MM and synchronize it with my clip. Not only the playlist didn’t work again but also all my music is now sorted into folder by the name of artist. Do I have to delete all music now or can this be fixed somehow?

And how do I create the playlist, pretty please? n__n;


I just found out by synchronizing the playlist it copied all the songs on my playlist again and it was sorted into those folders. The original folder with all my collection still exists there. Which is even more weird. lol


Okay, I found out its possible to sort the songs on clip by the date they were created. So I made a playlist and want to sync it and again the songs started to copy into folders of artists… I even changed all the tags into the file names… I read this can also be the problem… 

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