Playlists screwed up

I have an 8Gb Sansa Clip, bought last November, with firmware version V02.01.32A. It’s default setting was MTP so I’ve left it there. I was able to copy a dozen folders of .MP3 files to the Music folder from the MTP interface. I was able to create playlists for each folder (since the MP3 tags aren’t consistent). The problem is that, while viewing the playlists from the MTP interace they correctly point to the files I want them to point to, when I try to access these same playlists from the Clip itself, some of the playlists are pointing to the contents of other playlists! For example, I have a folder called Favorites whose playlist is correct. But three other playlists with different names also point to the contents of Favorites. Am I doing something wrong? Should I try using MSC mode? If so, how would I create a playlist in MSC mode? Thanks!

–Dean Hannotte,