Clip will not recognize playlist

I have create playlists in wmp11 and have transferred them to the clip via sync.  I can click on the playlist folder while in wmp11 and see the list and I can click songs, albums, etc and the content is on the clip.  However when I try to access the playlist to listen to, the database does not contain my playlist.   I tried to look for the solution to this problem on the knowledge base and all I could find were instructions on how to create a playlist and sync it to the clip.  Right now my clip is giving me access to roughly half of the playlists I have loaded on the player.

Thanks in advance for your assistance.

I would first try using Windows Explorer to see if the playlist files are physically on the Clip.

Did you sync your Clip in MTP mode, or MSC mode?  (See Settings->USB Mode.  If you don’t have “USB Mode”, you probably synced in MTP mode.)

If your Clip is a 2GB Clip, and set to MTP mode, look in:

My Computer\Sansa Clip 2GB\Internal Memory\Playlists

If your Clip is in MSC mode, it will be assigned a drive letter.  For example, if it’s D:, your playlists are probably in D:\Playlists, though I don’t use WMP so I don’t know how it handles playlists in MSC mode.

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