Playlist problem - is there an easy way?


I have done a search on this topic, but none of the answers are exactly what I’m looking for…

I have a sansa clip+ 4GB and tried to create 5 playlists. I followed all the instructions in the user manual about how to do it with windows media player (sooooo complicated!!) and I synched and…no playlists! The music is on the sansa, but the only playlist under playlists is the onthego one. I tired re-formatting the player and trying again and it didn’t make any difference.

I saw a couple of answers to other posts about using tags or some software, but I got a bit confused. Is there anyone who could give me an easy solution on how to get round this problem…?

I’d be super grateful! :slight_smile:



The easiest way to make a playlist if your Clip+'s in MTP mode is to simply drag and drop the songs you want into your Clip’s Music folder.  Then select the tracks you want in the playlist, right click, and select “Create Playlist.”  Name the playlist whatever you want and then double-click on it to edit it, add more songs, or rearrange the songs in the order you like.


Hope that helps you, Kate!

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Thank you that :smiley:really does help!

@kaytee23 wrote:
Thank you that :smiley:really does help!

No problem, Kate!  Glad to have been of service.

What an odd way to operate it though…

I’ve wasted a lot of time this afternoon setting up the WMP sync, to sync files over to a different directory structure and not to sync the playlist with it seems ridiculous.  It’s put me off buying anything else Sansa…  :( 

I avoid WMP like the plague.  Sometimes, simpler indeed is better.