Can't have more than 1 playlist at a time?!?!!

So, after much struggle and forum searching I figured out how to make a playlist (copied all the songs to the playlist folder cntrl/click selected the tracks I wanted and right-clicked on the highlighted tracks and selected “create playlist”), but now my problem is I want 2 playlists on my Clip Zip but every time I create a new playlist it copies all the tracks from that playlist into the old one so I end up with two differently named playlists that have the same exact music.

What the heck is going on???

I want two entirely different playlists with different music on them - how can I make that happen?

The clip zip was cheap, so I’m not too upset (yet) that the software is so ridiculously stupid as not to be able to carry our a simple function without a bunch of highly technical hoopla that isn’t described in the manual.


There are many ways to generate playlists.

From your description,you are attempting to build the playliste manually using Windows Explorer.  If a right click is giving you the “create playlist” option, this means you are doing so in MTP mode, and the playlist will be built in pla format.

To build a second list, stat with the first track desired for the list, right click on the track, and select “create playlist”, then name this second list.  Remember, this is a virtual operation, so the tracks you drag and drop to the list box are, in actuality, simple references to the files you drop into the new list.

Place this new list in the Playlist folder.

By far, the simplest method of producing playlists for the Sansa is to use a playlist utility, I prefer the basic method of a few clicks using Windows Media Player.  Build a list, drag it to the Sync pane on the right, and send it over using the Sync button.  Bam.  WiMP will even place the playlist into the correct folder for you, very nice.  MediaMonkey will build lists in much the same way.

Currently, I have five playlists on the little Zip.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: