How to create multiple playlists?

I manually created 3 different playlists under the playlist section, but when I listen to it on my sandisk only the most recent playlist saves.   It actually shows the names of the 3 different playlists, but every playlist will only play the songs from the most recently saved playlists. 


Why not help us by telling us how you created the playlists, what software you used and how and where did you save them to the clip. Then we might have a clue to what is happening. There is no problem with multiple playlists, but they do need to be correctly created. FYI, creating a playlist directly on the clip in the music directory using winamp seems to work, but that is only one of several techniques.

Are you trying to create 3 different and separate GoLists on the device itself? It won’t work. You can only create 1 GoList at a time.

No it was just from the playlists folder under “my computer” 

I’m not the most technically savy guy but let me try to put more info.   I use Microsoft XP and click  “my computer” I then click on the sandisk icon to get into the folders.   I clicked playlists.  I added 3 seperate folders with the songs in the folders.  Then I right clicked each folder and clicked “create playlist”   then it would create a separate icon for the playlist. 

I have 3 different playlist, but as mentioned previously… on the mp3 player itself it will show my 3 different play lists.  but when I play them each play lists will have all the songs from teh most recently saved playlist.   pretty odd.  

please let me know if I can provide more info.  

**You can create a music directory using winamp??  please tell me how or let me know how to find the thread!  thanks!!**

I tried this again…new problem. 

I went through my computer and clicked on playlists.   I added 3 different folders inside the playlist folder.  I then went back to the original page where it shows album, playlist, podcasts, etc.   I right clicked the playlist folder and clicked playlist and created a playlist under internal memory section.  I did this each time for the 3 different folders.  

now when I listen to the mp3 player there are 3 separate playlists, but it combined each playlist onto one.  I’m so confused.

I have had the same problem.  I have a refurbished Clip with firmware V02.01.32A.  I don’t know if being refurbished is relevent or not.  I created multiple playlists in Winamp.  I can see the playlists in Winamp, or using Windows Explorer and looking at the playlist folder.  Everything seems fine.  When I disconnect my player and look at the playlist folder, all the playlists are there.  The problem is when you open the playlist.  The contents of the playlist that was last modified or created or the contents of every playlist.  A friend’s player has no problem using the same computer to create playlists.  I also noticed today that adding songs to the go list does not work, the list remains empty.

yup this really ■■■■■!  I wonder if there is a software problem with ours or if we are just not adding these multiple playlist the right way

Have you tried YAPL (playlist creator) written by forum member Dunny? He wrote it with the Fuze iin mind, but there’s no reason it wouldn’t work on the Clip, Clip+ and e200v2 players too.

Have you tried YAPL (playlist creator) written by forum member Dunny? He wrote it with the Fuze in mind, but there's no reason it wouldn't work on the Clip, Clip+ and e200v2 players too. :smiley:


I know this is an old thread, but I ran across this issue and solved it.

For some reason, you cannot have more than one playlist in the same folder.  If you put each playlist in its own folder, it works fine.

I separate my music into three folders, put a playlist in each of the folders, and no longer have the issue that the OP explained.

I don’t use MTP mode or WMP, for those that do, that combination should produce playlists that work. In MSC mode you need to create playlists somehow, correctly name them and put them in the music folder.

One very easy way is to create playlists in winamp using the clip as the source. You then save these to the clip music folder. The playlist content will use the pathname starting from the music folder.

The playlist names will show up in the playlist folder under the music menu when you run the clip. There is no playlist folder created as such that will show in windows explorer. You can use a variation of this but the end result has to be the same. You can certainly have multiple playlists with unique content stored in the music folder.

I have a sansa disk, I’ve had about 3 or 4 thou out the years. I know this is an old thred. But if anyone can reply back and give a clear and detailed answer sometime soon that would be great. I would like to learn how to make at least one playlist. I know how to do the go list and that works just fine. But if I can get a proper playlist that would be even better. I’ve tried it before in all the options it gives me. In both my laptop and the mp3 player, it looks like it works then I unplung and there is no playlist to be found and or it just doesn’t play. Please any advice…