Confirm: Must have WMP11 & using MTP USB connection to have easy playlists

Like many others, I’ve spent hours trying to figure out something as simple as how to see a playlist. I was using WMP10. I detest WMP11 about as much as I detest iTunes, but that’s beside the point.

What version of WMP provides playlists on the Clip? After testing with three computers, three versions (WMP9-11) and erasing the Clip five times, and fruitlessly searching here, will someone please confirm that:

  1. To see a playlist you made in WMP on the Clip after you sync, you must be using WMP 11. (Any other way involves some kind of tagging or workaround)

  2. And to see the WMP-created playlist your device must have been recognized as an MTP, not an MSC. (My laptop for some reason refuses to see the MTP format, while the other two computers are fine, and playlists from WMP11 onto the MSC format do not show up on the Clip.)


P.S. In case anyone is curious, if you sync a playlist with the Clip via MSC, and then sync the same playlist with the same Clip via MTP, WMP shows each song twice on the device and the sync process sure seems to have copied the songs twice, ergo I suspect a duplicate file structure based on the type of USB recognized. Maybe that’s not a surprise to the more tech minded, but I’m sure the average user wouldn’ realize that any scenario where you switch back and forth is a Bad Idea. Frankly, I won’t use auto-detect; I’m going to lock it to MTP.

With all the technical help available on this board for multiple workarounds and fixes, I’m not sure why no one can confirm my original statements in my post. I would be happy to learn if I’m wrong.

I guess I can confirm them after hours of testing different set ups. I have moved on to WMP11 rather than learn how to write code for an inexpensive device. If there had been product information available before I bought it that said I had to use WMP11 in order to have playlists, I wouldn’t have bought it. Maybe that’s why this information isn’t easy to discover.

It would have been nice if someone could have saved me some of the trial-and-error. I could not find ANY product documentation that laid it out in simple terms:

For the EASIEST experience with your Sansa clip, use WMP 11 and have your clip recognized as an MTP in order to have playlist functionality.