Created a playlist in WMP, now how do I get it to show up?

I spent the time picking songs that I want to play while at the gym and saved them in a playlist using WMP, I think 10 or 11.  I synced my Clip, however when I go to the Playlist menu, it doesn’t show up…  When I view all files on my Clip in Windows Explorer, it does list a My Playlists file, and the Gym file…  How the heck do I get to see this on the Clip itself?  I’ve even looked in Artists, Albums, etc. to see if it got dumped in there?

I found a few other posts…Could this be a MSC vs. MTP issue?  I’ll try to reload the playlist in MTP tonight to see if it works, however if there is other advice, I’ll take it.

it isn’t really an issue, it just whether it is supported.

if you connect in MSC and transfer playlist with WMP, playlist will not show up because no playlist was transferred to begin with. Reason being is upon sync, WMP will convert any playlist (wpl or m3u) to a MTP protocol playlist with extension PLA.  this can ONLY be read MTP mode and is only created with the MTP protocol. Problem is MSC doesn’t support PLA (and wpl), only m3u.

so if you want to transfer playlists with WMP, than you’ll have to use MTP mode 

I’m pretty sure I tried syncing in MTP mode as well…Didn’t work.  I’ll try again later…This whole MTP vs. MSC thing is kind of a pain in the butt!!