I got the computer and clip to communicate so I can see my tunes on the clip, however, they are all in one group.  I need to be able to separate them into playlists.  I cannot use MTP on this Dell, so I am using MSC. I can’t get playlists to show up on the clip. They are on the computer.  I even got the playlists into the to be sync’d column, but when it sych’d, the tunes all went onto the clip, but no playlists.  I’m getting a little weary of the hours I’ve spent messing with this thing in the last 4 or 5 days. There has GOT to be an easier way.


You might try YAPL (playlist creator) written by forum member Dunny.

will that work with a Clip? It says no Fuze detected.


Searching other threads, there is one that says to store the playlist in m3u or m3u8. where is that info and how do I tell what mine are?  How do I change it?  This cannot really be this difficult, can it?


First, while I am not suggesting you switch to MTP mode (I don’t use it myself), your Dell should be able to handle that mode. The most likely reason it does not would be the wrong version of WMP, you need the latest (or next to latest) version.

Playlists are a problem. I have good luck by arranging all my music directories under the music folder of the clip. I use winamp to add songs to the playlist window from the clip folders. When you are done, save the playlist in the music folder of the clip. This will correctly set the path info in the playlist. Just repeat for more playlists.

There are other ways.