Multiple problems with new Clip +

I have a new Sansa Clip + 8 GB player. Problem 1: The display is nice and bright, but appears to be stuck on “Music.” No matter what key I hit, the display doesn’t change. This means I can’t navigate any menus.

Second problem: I can’t install it in MTP mode. I followed the instructions to install in MSC, which is fine if it will work, but every time I remove it I have to force MSC mode again and reinstall. It’s a pain.

At least when in MSC mode, Windows can recognize the device and I can browse the folders in Windows Explorer. But I tried to install Rhapsody and it kept saying there was an error and the program needs to close, and now Windows Media Player crashes as well whenever I launch it. I uninstalled Rhapsody and rebooted, but WMP is still broken.

Any help will be greatly appreciated!

Peel off the protective film on the screen.

Now, seeing the actual screen instead of a picture of it, you can go into Settings > System Settings > USB Mode and change it to MTP or MSC. I’d advise against using the Auto Defect setting.

Haha, thanks! I’m now officially a member of the tech challenged club. If someone can help with the Windows Media Player issue, it’d be great.

Go to Micro$oft’s website and try re-downloading and re-installing WMP (although to be truthful, you’re better off without it).

If you’re going to use CRhapsody, your player will need to be in MTP mode for the DRM muck.