Clip Help anyone!

I have a 2gb clip it was my daughters my PC is not seeing it not sure where to start to figure out why its not connecting to my PC…Can someone please help me !! Thank you !

Switch it to MSC mode. Settings > USB mode > MSC

thanks for the help it worked but when i click on the music folder there is nothing in it but there is music on it. any idea why ?

If you have the music on your pc, then format the player using the player’s menu(settings, format) deleting all songs on the player, then copy the music to the player again. Music transfered in MTP mode will not appear on the player on your pc when you are connected in MSC mode, and vice versa.

And if you don’t have the music on your computer:  set the Clip to MTP mode; go back to your daughter’s computer (or another computer that will recognize the Clip in MTP mode) and transfer the music to the computer; reformat the Clip from its Settings menu to erase the music on the Clip (or, when you were connected to the computer, delete the music files on the Clip); detach the Clip and set it to MSC mode; and connect to the computer and transfer the music back.

As MSC mode works on more computer systems than MTP mode (as you saw), you may want to keep the Clip in MSC mode–you’ll be able to see it on all your computers, and all your music will be visible on computers at one time.  A reason not to, though:  if you have a music/file subscription service (like Rhapsody or some library e-lending systems) or have music or audiobooks protected by digital rights management, which need MTP mode (MSC won’t do it).