Having problem viewing my music

I added music to my new Sansa Clip, then added more music a few days later.  I can plug my Clip into my USB and click to view the music in Explorer and it only shows up the music that I added last.  I opened up WMP and it also only shows the latest music I added.  I can turn on my Clip and listen to all the original music.  What’s happening with this and why can’t I view ALL my music?  Help please someone!

Music added while you are connected in MTP mode only shows on your computer when you are connected in MTP mode; likewise as to MSC mode.  The solution:  always use one mode or the other.

Thank you for your reply - I certainly appreciate your help.  Would I sound too much like an idiot to ask what the difference is in this MTP and MSC mode? I read the user manual and it didn’t seem to explain much.  Thanks again!!!

Simple breakdown: in MTP the files are managed through Windows Media Player, and MSC the Clip is shown in My Computer as another removeable memory device.

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Well, how simple is that?  Thanks for answering my questions.  I’ve already gotten everything switched to one mode and hopefully this won’t ever happen again!