Can't See Files

I have a 4 GB Clip, and have had no problems until now. I uploaded about 3.5 GB of songs a few weeks ago, and now I wan’t to remove some and add more, but when I connect it to the USB I don’t see any of my music in Explorer. I only see a few files that contain music which I’ve never seen before. But when I unplug the Clip from the USB, my music is there and I can listen to it!

I’ve tried playing around with the USB mode settings. Auto-detect and MTP show the strange music. With MSC the player doesn’t even show up on my laptop.

Any help?

Answering part of your issue, music transferred to the Clip only is revealed by your computer when connected to the Clip in the same USB mode that the music was transferred.  Hence, IMHO, a good reason to use one mode or the other consistently.

Thanks, but I only tried changing the USB mode AFTER connecting and not being able to see the files. So the mode was in the same mode as when I uploaded the songs.

Plus, the songs don’t show in ANY of the 3 modes - Auto-detect, MTP, or MSC!!!

What if I just format and start over?

I think that’s a great idea.  I’d also reapply the firmware, in case the firmware had become corrupted.