I cant see music media

I can  not seem to see any old media content. I have uploaded and use the firmware updater and I have reset my clip. But, I cant see any files when I plug it in to my PC (Win8). However, unpluged from the PC I have 500 songs, and they all play beautifully. What is wrong? Anyone have a clue?

The USB Mode on the Clip changes to “Auto detect” with a reset which sometimes can cause some confusion. With the Clip you can choose to connect in MTP (Media Transfer Protocol) or MSC (MassStorage Class) modes. With MSC-mode the player behaves just like a USB memory and you use drag and drop in Windows Explorer to tranfer files to the player. With MTP-mode you usually transfer files with software like Windows Media player.

Content placed on the device is playable by the device from either mode but not viewable across modes. If you previously transferred your files with the player in MTP-mode and then browse the contents of the Clip with the player in MSC-mode you can’t see any files. It’s the same the other way around: You can’t see files transferred with MSC with the player in MTP-mode.

To change the USB-mode on the Clip go to System Settings - USB Mode and change to MSC or MTP. If you are unsure of which mode you previously used, just try one after the other.

Perfect! Thank You so much. It worked.