Hidden files.

Hello, I just updated the firmware thanks to the Manager.

But no I can’t find the files of all the music stored (except for the recordings), I can still listen to the music, I just can’t see the files when it’s connected to the pc.

It’s running v01.01.32F, from v01.01.20F (I can’t remember the exact number).

From the computer, you cannot see files transferred in alternate USB communications modes.  This is part of the protocol’s design (operating system).

When the firmware was updated, the USB mode may have changed on your Sansa.

Go to Settings > USB Mode, and select the other mode from what is currently selected.  Auto Detect will attempt connection in MTP mode, then if not possible, it will revert to MSC.

When you plug in using the matching mode (that your music was transferred in), your music will once again be visible.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

THANKS! This was EXACTLY the problem.

It was on MSC, I changed it to MTP and it actually has the Awsome icon that looks like the MP3 player again.