I can't see in other PC the files that I copied in my clip

Hello again.

I put a lot of songs in my clip at my home PC, I copied them in the “Music” folder. But when I connect the device in my work’s laptop and open the device’s music folder, they are gone! In fact, if in that moment I copy some music from my workplace laptop in the device, those files I can’t see when I connect the player in my home’s PC. I already used de format function the clip has in order to start over and put some files from my home pc and again, I cant see them if I try to browse them at work.

Thanks in advance for any help given =) 

By the way, I think my firmware is v01.01.18A

Thanks again.

Are you using MSC mode or MTP mode consistently on both machines?

The player is set in “Autodetect”.

Songs transferred in MSC mode cannot be seen when connected in MTP mode.

Songs transferred in MTP mode cannot be seen when connected in MSC mode.

Set the USB mode to either MSC or MTP but not Autodetect.  If you want to use Rhapsody or download Audiobooks (Audible, NetLibrary, OverDrive, etc) you’ll want MTP.  If only music with no licenses then use MSC so it works with more computers.

Great, last night I tested and it works fine now, plus I updated the firmware =)

Thank you so much.