PC. can see clip+but cant see whats on it

hello there has anyone have any idea’s on what to do with my issue,my pc can see my clip+ and shows the main folders,

but shows the folders to be empty yet I have about  160, songs and two audio books on it,

   Please help if you can Cheers.xenoblade…

Try switching the USB Mode. Files loaded in one mode cannot be seen while connected in the other.

Thanks, but I have already tried that still no go , besides the clip+ is allways kept in auto which is default.

Thanks anyway,  xenoblade.

@xenoblade wrote:

Thanks, but I have already tried that still no go , besides _ the clip+ is always kept in auto which is default. _

There’s your problem. NEVER use the Auto Defect setting, default or not. This setting will default to MTP mode if it detects Windows Media Player, but this can sometimes cause connectivity issues. If it can’t connect in MTP, it will then connect in MSC (more universal).

The problem with this is as I said, files loaded in one mode cannot be seen while the player is connected in the other. The player will see and play files regardless of the transfer mode, but it will be hell for you to manage your files, only being able to see some of them at any one time. Best to format the player, which will erase all user-added content, manually set to either MTP or MSC and then re-load everything.

Which mode is better? That depends on what and how you use the player. If you subscribe to a music ‘service’ like Rhapsody or Audible audio books or ‘borrow’ audio books from a library then you must use MTP mode in order to transfer the permission and time-stamp codes along with the files.

If you don’t use any of these services, or otherwise want to play DRM-encrypted files then MSC is your mode of choice. It allows your computer to see the player as 2 additional and separate ‘drives’, each with their own drive letter; one for the player’s internal memory and the other for the memory card slot. Much easier, logical and straight-forward.

One would have thought that Sansa would have realized by now that auto mode has it’s problems. They’ve been using it at least since my first funny looking M something or other, that used a single AAA cell. Didn’t get great bettery life but the fm was probably better than later offerings (but I’ve no real complaints now that I have a clip zip).

Thanks  for the update, went into settings and usb mode , and found that for some reason it was on msc so moved it to

mtp and can seemy files again, wots the clip zip like is there much improvement over the clip+ as mine ,although is working well

has a large crack in the screen so Idont know how much longer it will survive,

THanks once again for your help.:smiley: