MTP and MSC mode problems

When I copy files to my Sansa Clip 8GB in MSC mode, it won’t recognise some files properly (it apparently sees that the files are there, but can’t play them, nor display their tags - trying to play the files will just pause the player). If I instead copy the files in MTP mode, they all play fine, but the files disappear from MSC mode (even the music files that were copied to Clip previously in MTP mode), which is unacceptable. chkdsk appears to see these files in a hidden ##MUSIC# folder, but there is no way to get access to this folder from the OS without editing the FAT with a disk editor.

How can I get all files to show up in MSC mode while being able to play them all?

Are the songs that won’t play in MSC mode copy-protected, by any chance?

I found the problem, when the player was connected in MTP mode (and Clip moved all the songs to the hidden ##MUSIC# directory), some of them got encrypted (and got some kind of a header), which then caused problems when I moved them back out. I have no idea why this didn’t affect all songs (if it did, I’d notice the problem sooner).

I wouldn’t be caught dead buying anything with DRM again.

BTW, is it just me, or does the HTML editor have problems in Opera (inserts new paragraph in front of the text instead of behind it)?

I understand part of the impetus behind DRM–artists deserve to get paid, IMHO.  But the DRM implementation has just been so bulloxed, that dog just don’t fly …