my Sansa e250 v1 is acting VERY strange (memory loss??)

Today, I downloaded some new music and went to sync it onto the e250. My 2GB e250 (v1 : 01.02.24A) was dead to begin with, so I plugged it into the computer to give it a head start to charge before I started syncing. After the music was supposedly safely on my device, I turned it back on to check and make sure it was there. Instead of the 300-odd songs I had before (I also have a 2gb Micro SD card in it) I find only _ 11 _, all with the logo by it that meant it was on the SD card. (If none of you have the small logo beside that, I apologize, but that’s what mine does). When I open the files, first on my computer itself, then in my Windows Media Player, it shows all of my music on the device and also says that the memory is still taken up. When I look on the device itself, it only has those 11 songs. I’ve tried unplugging and replugging the charger/sync cord, resetting the battery, everything I can think of.

((On a side note, my computer won’t read the SD card when it’s in the mp3 player to begin with - it hasn’t since after the first couple of times I synced music with it inside. But there have been songs that had the SD card symbol beside it in the player. Also, ever since the player has had the SD card in it, a small green window pops up on my screen after the initial mp3 player startup, saying “refresh database”. This hasn’t been a problem so far, but I’m wondering if that’s normal?))

Any help is appreciated, thank you! 

The Refresh Memory is apparently what happens in all v1 e250’s after inserting the microSD memory extension card, so no worries there.

Still need answers on the craziness though . . . 

If any of you have this problem: I just fixed mine.

Make sure you back up ALL of your music files if you want to re-sync them, because the only way to get rid of this weird problem is to do a complete memory dump - this means going into the Sansa e250 files on your computer WHILE THE DEVICE IS PLUGGED IN , and delete ALL OF THE SONGS, ALL OF THE VIDEO, EVERYTHING from those files. NOT the files themselves, you need those. Just the CONTENTS of them. Then, go into whatever media player you use, and re-sync it all. Or whatever you want on there, doesn’t really matter. Then, you have the music back. I have no Earthly clue as to how this happened. I just know that I fixed it.