Sana e250R ... Having Trouble With Everything...

   Its been a good year or so since i have touched this little mp3 player. My sister took my last one so i am trying to fix this one.

   I believe its a Sansa e250R. It used to work great, but then one day I forgot my login name to the sansa music store and thats where eveything became wierd. My device showed its memory being full and yet all my music was gone. I still charged it and everything but i couldnt connect to the Sansa store. Now its useless because there is no music on it but its still full!!! I would like to erase whatever is on there and start over downloading songs onto it agian, or possibly recover whatever is still possibly on there.

   If yall know how to fix it, it would be great.

Thank You.

I’ve never heard of a Sansa online music store.

Are you referring to a service like Rhapsody , perhaps?  The only other service I can think of is eMusic… well, there was the Yahoo partnership a few years ago, come to think of it.

On the device, when you power it up, do you get the SanDisk logo, then a following screen with the Rhapsody logo?

You can format the device, clearing the internal memory, if connected in either MSC or MTP mode.  On the Rhapsody device, I’d select Rhapsody Mode, which is MSC.

Use the standard format option, rather than Quick Format.

A word of caution!  If you are connected in Recovery Mode, do not use the WIndows Format command.  Let us know if you can connect normally.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: