New problem with my new Sansa e250R [Rhapsody.]

So I had an old refurbished Sansa e260, never had problems till now [cant listen to music unless its charging, blah blah] so I bought a new one on eBay. No biggie there either. However, this new one is smaller, only 2gb, and I cannot seem to get my new mini SD formatted to work on the Sansa. Ive formatted it multiple times outside the player, even put it in the player and formatted that too! My old player cannot recognize the new mini card either, but the old one is kinda messed up right now anyways, but at least on the old one I could change the USB mode. So can anyone help??

The e200R series only supports uSD cards officially, so SDHC won’t work in the stock firmware.  If your card is > 2GB its SDHC.

That said the limitation is purely software, so if you use rockbox you can use larger cards fine.