4gb memory? not even close

ok. just got my sansa. almost everything is fine but there is one thing that bothers me. the info says “memory 3.38gb (3.461gb)used 1% free” just wondering where is the rest? no memory reserved for mixes, no photo, no video etc. is there something wrong with my player? tia

Yes, it sounds like something is wrong.
Try re-booting the Sansa by holding down the power button for about 10 seconds(till it says shutting down; not going to sleep).

If that doesn’t work, do a factory reset from the settings.
Confirm the “music & mixes” doesn’t have most of the space reserved again.

erased (factory reset) everything from the player but the thing is still the same.

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total 3.461 mb 0% for songs 0% for mixes free 100% ~400mb still missing somewhere. :frowning:

oh, yeah, I would take that one back.  If there’s any preloaded stuff on the Connect, then clean it out or format the memory.  I’ve owned serveral diff Sansas and the first thing I do is delete all that preloaded music/video.

how did you do that? i’d like to format the memory but have no idea how. besides there’s no word from customer support. :frowning: those guys just ignore me. i’m just wondering how many emails should i send to them before being filtered as a spammer. :smiley:

You’ll have a lot better success calling Sandisk support, than emailing them.

In the meantime, I’d recommend using the Sansa Connect Recovery Tool.


I have the same problem, with the exact same disk specs.  Everything else works fine so I’m loathe to install the Recovery Tool unless I knew why this is happening.

Can you safely format the disk in XP?


sure you can but it doesn’t make any sense. you won’t get more memory, at least i didn’t.

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See this thread at the abi forum: http://www.anythingbutipod.com/forum/showthread.php?t=25438

Your capacity seems to be the correct one.  I think the firmware/IOS takes some space.


Hi Y’all,

I have recently purchased the Sansa Connect as well (at Walmart for $99.00  before taxes…!) and I notice the same problem with the capacity shown. I also only get the 3.37 (or something) even when formatted and/or recovered.

It is actually so bad that if you look at the Connect in Windows Media Player it is even worse! It shows the capacity as 3.33Gb of which only 3.0 Gb available!. I absolutely have nothing on it!

Has anybody figured out yet why this is and what we can do about it?

Thanks, Eric

It does have something on it - firmware.

i have the same 3370mb

so the firmware takes up 630mb?

i know when u format memory its not exactly 4000mbm but this is more of a drop then i expected.