NO Access to 1.90 MB of 2 GB Sansa M250 Player/Any advice appreciated


Thank you for reading my issue.

I have an m250 sansa player with 2 GB, but when I put songs in it I can only

access 230 MEgabyles!!. Once it has reached 230 MB, I receive an error messages that the remaining songs can not be copied.

How can I access the partition with 190 MB???

Before copying and pasting the songs in it,  I look in  “My Computer” and click on “sans” what appears is a completely blank drive. The drive is set to MSC.

I have switched from MSC to MTP several times, has this caused an issue?

Also, I reformatted the sansa player several times to address this issue. Did I accidentally erase some stuff>

Before this reformatting when I clicked on “sansa player” in “My Computer,” there were 2 folders in the Sansa folder.

When I look at the sansa MSC player in computer management it says it is a 1.90 GB healthy drive.

I have formatted the drive by right clicking on the drive and also via computer management by clicking on the partition and formatting there.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated,

Thank you


Hi I seemed to have solved my own issued and am posting the fix.

I downloaded the sansa updater and followed the directions and it installed software/firmware on my sansa m250.

Then I had access to the more than 203 mb, so it is solved.