M250 Music Transfer Problems

My problem is exactly like two threads recently posted.

First thread, “m250 music transfer issues by matth on 1/5/2008”.  I have 247 songs transfered to the player in Windows Explorer.  In MSC mode, only 12 show up . In MTP mode, approximately 30 files show up under the same title and they are all some sort of a file that contains 0 bytes file size.

Second thread, “m230 wont format by hainzinger on 12/18/07”.  I went into the system tools and opened “Disk Defragmenter”. I chose the Sansa in the list of drives and clicked to defrag. The analysis came up as 0% defragged upon completion.

I tried to format my m250 in MSC mode. I opened Windows Explorer, right clicked on Sansa, chose Format and the format window opened. I left all choices on the default setting and clicked “Start”. The Sansa format process was fast but got the error “Windows was unable to complete the format”. 

This gets back to the second thread. Will the format reset the player?  Did I defrag the player properly because I still got the same error message as Hainzinger?

Thanks.  I love the player and want to continue using it…

Being unable to format a drive usually means its toast. You probably wont be able to make any changes to the music thats on the player. If you had the product for less then a year, contact sandisk… maybe you can get it replaced.